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  • How long have you been in business?
    We have been at this location since July of 2019. The owners, Fred Schwenger and Jim Schroeder have been involved in business for 30 years. Fred has 20+ years of experience as a mechanic and formerly owned a shop in Hammonton before closing that location to teach auto mechanics at The Pilgrim Academy Technical High School. Jim is a local attorney who was a customer of Fred's Hammonton shop and specializes in coaching and assisting businesses in many different fields. Jim helped Fred get Pilgrim Academy Technical High School up and running and the guys decided to open Superior nearby to complement what the school was doing. Fred and Jim have known each other their whole lives. Fun trivia fact - Jim was Fred's camp counselor when Fred was in the 4th grade!
  • What kind of cars do you work on?
    We work on almost all cars and light trucks on the road today. We also handle classic cars for local collectors and do fleet work on trucks. If we are not the right shop for you we will be happy to share a referral to someone better suited to work on your vehicle. Being the best means helping anyone who comes to us get the best service, sometimes that is going to come from another professional shop. If that is the case we hope you remember us when friends and family are looking for an honest shop.
  • If I need to get my car towed in, what is the address for your shop?
    We are located at 842 West White Horse Pike Egg Harbor City, NJ. We are actually located in Galloway Township at the White Horse Pike and Vienna Avenue but the address above is the mailing address and works for google and apple maps. You can call AAA, your tow company or we can arrange a tow for you when you call. 609-704-0070
  • Can I get an appointment for service?
    Absolutely. Scheduling service will help us get your car back to you faster and minimize interruptions to your day. If you want you can call starting at 8:30 am Monday through Friday or 9 am on Saturday - 609-704-0070.
  • Can I wait for my vehicle to be serviced?
    We have a waiting room and offer chargers for your phone, fresh made coffee and cold soft drinks. We prefer you drop off unless you are getting a quick service but you are welcome to stay all day or ask us for help getting a ride home or to work.
  • Where did you get that sweet woodcut of your logo that hangs behind the service desk?
    Thanks for noticing, we love it too. We love to recommend Lindsey and Crystal from Raw Aesthetic Home. Remember we told you about them before they got their HGTV show!
  • How can I come to work with Superior Auto?
    We are continually looking for the best technicians and service writers who want to work in a clean, family oriented, profanity free and fully heated and air conditioned environment. If you are interested in working at our Galloway shop or being part of our expansion you can drop an email with or without a resume to
  • I own a shop but would like to sell or would like help to make my shop more profitable
    We would love to have a confidential conversation with you. Whether you are looking to position your shop for the most profitable sale or looking to make some changes to increase your profit dollars we can help you. Email or call 609-704-0070 and ask to speak with Jim.
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