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Port Republic

Port Republic is a hidden gem of a small community.  With just over a thousand residents the City was incorporated in 1905 but the history of the community goes back to colonial days.  Sitting along the southern banks of the Mullica River and along Nacote Creek, Port Republic has a rich history of boat building.  It is also the site of the Battle of Chestnut Neck from the Revolutionary War.  8 Square Miles that seem to be set back in time!

Port Republic

Port Republic is a special place to both owners of Superior Auto.  Fred and Jim both were born and raised in Port Republic with generations of family history in the City of Port Republic.  Both guys have many fond memories growing up, playing sports and worshipping at Port Church.  

The baseball field is named after Jim's grandfather, Harry Bowen and when he was in the 8th grade at Port School Jim won a contest to design the City Seal!

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