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The old adage “you get what you pay for” is unfortunately usually true. If something is “cheaper” it probably doesn’t have value. Let me explain. We recently needed a new HVAC system installed at our place of business. I got two quotes. One from an owner/ operator who was a one-man show with low overhead. The other is a Union Shop with high overhead and with many highly trained skilled technicians. I wanted prices on the same equipment and installation apples to apples.

Can you guess whose price was cheaper? Can you guess who offered better value? If you guessed the owner-operator was cheaper you would be correct. $4000.00 cheaper! If you guessed the owner-operator offered better value you would be wrong. Here’s why.

1. The owner-operator was booked for weeks because he was low on resources and high in demand. Keep in mind we had no heat.

2. The installation time once on site was shorter with the company that had multiple employees and better resources.

3. If for some reason we encounter a problem with the HVAC unit in the future, or need regular maintenance the company with multiple employees would be able to repair or maintain in a more timely manner.

4. Relationships. Our company serviced the vans that the larger company uses and we have developed strong relationships with the owner and workers. These relationships were built on mutual trust and respect. It is for these reasons that spending the extra money ensures better value.

For most people, their vehicles may be over a lifetime their largest monetary investment. Consider what a new car or truck costs today. Now how many vehicles will a person have in a lifetime?

When you’re choosing an auto repair garage the best value proposition will always be a company that puts your needs first. A company with trained technicians, knowledgeable advisors, and a reputation for customer service will always in the long run be a better value. How much is your time worth? Do you want to be treated with respect and dignity? Do you want to develop long-lasting relationships with people you trust? It is for these reasons that you usually get what you pay for!

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